Sonic LAB: Elektron Model Cycles

6 track FM Groovebox      31/07/20

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Elektron's Model:Cycles is part of their budget range of instruments, with Model:Samples being the other, that aim to bring the Elektron workflow into a more affordable product. With reduced features, such as the deeper editing and multiple audio outputs of the more costly siblings.

Model:Cycles is a six voice FM Groovebox which uses the concept of machines, like many Elektron instruments, with the focus on FM synthesis. The sequencer follows the Elektron concept of parameter locking - which they have pioneered and made extremely usable - with each step (up to 64) being an independent state or snapshot.

The 6 machines are:

  • Kick
  • Snare
  • Metal
  • Perc
  • Tone

Each machine is surprisingly versatile, with six sound control parameters: Pitch and Decay - these are self explanatory. The remaining four are specific to each machine and represent macros of multiple parameters: Color, Shape, Sweep, Contour.

There's an LFO per track and master Delay and Reverb Send per Track - these effects are pretty nice.

Edd took a look in this video for Sonic LAB -  and despite his trepidation of taking on an Elektron product, (they have a  notoriously steep learning curve) found it much more straightforward than he imagined. Providing a quick way to access the Elektron sequencer and a world of FM sounds.

Model:Cycles is available now priced at £299/$299


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