7 Seas - Mix Your Own Soundscapes With Oceans As Source

Sound designers working within specific frequencies      07/07/20

7 Seas -  Mix Your Own Soundscapes With Oceans As Source

Electronic artist and bassist Bana Haffar has been in touch to let us know what she's been up to. One of her projects was the for the Ocean Archive - a resource for the furthering and betterment of knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the world's oceans.

freq_wave: 7 Seas - is a collection of seven tracks - one for each ocean where multiple sound designers were each given a specific frequency rance to create a 60 second loop to work within. These are then mixed by the listener inside custom mixer software (in the browser) to create an ever changing and soundscape.

Curated by Carl Michael von Hausswolff and co-curated by Alonso Vázquez, this commission corroborates the work of 84 sound artists whose compositions integrate hydrophone recordings within the aquatic frequency ranges audible to the human ear. This interactive web-based collaboration springs from a spontaneous act of solidarity and the will to connect and express ourselves, bringing oceanic creativity to the fore.

The artists have been divided into groups of twelve and allocated a specific trajectory. Within them, each artist has used and generated sounds in a designated frequency range, creating a bathymetric constellation. In the coming weeks, this work will be presented in seven online sound installations, addressing Territorial Agencies' seven trajectories.

Its a really interesting concept, though some people were assigned fairly narrow frequency bands, making it a tricky brief I would imagine. The end result is actually quite lovely and hypnotic.

Sadly its not the sort of thing we can embed a player for, so you will have to head over to the site to experience it in full - recommend a reasonable set of speakers or headphones for the full benefit.


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