Amped Studio Connects VSTs To Browser Based DAW

The Missing Link?      06/07/20

Amped Studio Connects VSTs To Browser Based DAW

As browsers themselves have become almost self contained operating systems, the boundaries of the things you can do from within them has been stretched.

Amped Studio is a web based DAW -  requiring Chrome, Opera or Vivaldi to run inside and they are continuing to add more features. The latest of which is  VST/Remote (currently in Beta)

The VST/Remote application for Windows and macOS is a VST host that provides experimental support for VST plugins in Amped Studio. This functionality is in a beta stage and as such you may experience bugs with the host or issues with some plugins. If you run into issues with some plugins or the host, please report them to our support.

Current VST/Remote limitations:

• VST/Remote can only run 64-bit VST2 plugins. Other plugin formats are not supported.

• You can only use one active VST at any given time in a project. You can add several VST/Remote devices but only one will be active.

• It is not possible to automate VST parameters.

 Amped Studio already uses WAM (Web Audio Modules) - see our piece from Synthfest 2018, and adding VSTs will open up the way for even more integration

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