New Daking Compressor

US VCA-based Daking Comp II is now available      03/07/20

New Daking Compressor

TransAudio Group has announced the release of Geoff Daking's new Comp II compressor. This is what they have to say about it...

With an analog sound that is unmistakably Daking, the Comp II is purpose-built to sound fantastic on a wide range of musical inputs using a minimum of parameters. Seasoned engineers working on tight deadlines will appreciate this new compressor's reliably awesome results with a minimum of tweaks, and self-recording musicians will love those same awesome results without having to delve into the minutia of esoteric compression theory. The compressor offers dual mono or stereo linked operation and is basically plug-and-play, with just a few controls to cover a million recording and mixing scenarios. Like all Daking gear, the Comp II is built in the USA using high-quality analog hardware, and TransAudio Group has Daking Comp II stock available and ready to ship.
"The Daking Comp II was painstakingly designed by Geoff Daking and Dave Thibodeau," said Brad Lunde, president of TransAudio Group. "It relies on a VCA that acts like a FET and thus imparts the beautiful 'Daking sound' on any source material." The circuitry itself is set up to work its magic without a lot of oversight from the engineer. There really aren't any bad parameter combinations, just ones that are more appropriate for different recording and mixing tasks. Each channel's parameters include an overall continuously-adjustable threshold and a continuously-adjustable makeup gain. Beyond that, the parameters are simply switches for attack (fast or slow), ratio (compression or limiting), release (fast or auto), and operation (stereo or dual mono).
Unique among VCA compressor designs, the Daking Comp II uses feedback gain reduction, a peak detector, and an all-discrete class-A follower. Its outboard power supply is quiet and ready to travel the world. Inputs and outputs are balanced, and its flat frequency response extends out to 65kHz for high-resolution recording.

Pricing and Availability:
U.S. MAP $1,399

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