Friday Fun - Yamaha MODX Only

US Smart Morph too      03/07/20

We still have the MODX here and after the last session, people were asking about the MODX OS 2.5 Smart Morph feature, so I tried to jam something which sort of incorporated that.

From what I understand, Smart Morph works on the FM-X engine and analyzes up to 8 FM patches and creates an intelligent tone map between various points within each patch. Points can be selected via the touchscreen and also a path set using the Super Knob to traverse it. 

Results are generally musical and sonically, happy accidents abound, but the analyzing part can only happen offline so if you don't like the sounds you need to stop the sequencer and let it do its thing.

For the rest of the music, I'm only using the MODX internal sequencer and internal sounds/fx this time, s sort of more stadium 80s jam (yeah sorry, that's just where it went!)

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