Learn How To Mix A Pop Song

Mixing Pop Music video tutorial series comprises 24 videos across 5 hours      29/06/20

Learn How To Mix A Pop Song

The makers of Mixing Pop Music, a video series course that contains 24 videos spanned across 5 hours, tell us that it encompasses all the processes required to mix and produce a commercial friendly pop mix. They say that, bursting with advanced industry techniques, tips and tricks, exercises and practical guides this course offers a tantalising series for recording artistes, engineers, hobbyists and producers. Here's more in their own words...

The best way to explain how to mix a pop song is to actually mix a pop song, from start to finish! Process specific video tutorials are great but not tremendously helpful when it comes to explaining how to mix a specific genre from the viewpoint of the producer. This is better covered by a start to finish process with the tutor providing little bits of wisdom here and there, explaining correct workflow practices, pitfalls to avoid, and so on. The personal mix approach of the producer provides a useful insight into how professional producers approach a mix project and this is the icing on the technical cake so to speak. Eddie has made sure to explain not only the processes covered within the course but also his thinking and approach to mixing for a complex genre.

To fully master this subject a modicum of theory is necessary and Eddie Bazil has made sure to provide the necessary grounding in all areas of mixing pop music. However, nothing quite compares to the hands-on approach of learning and this has been endorsed with countless before and after audio examples with guides on what to use and when and how to use them.

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