Sound Semiconductor Announces New VCAs

US ProCircuit SSI2161 and FatKeys SSI2162 single and dual channel VCAs      24/06/20

Sound Semiconductor Announces New VCAs

Sound Semiconductor has announced single and dual channel VCA additions to its product lineup, the ProCircuit SSI2161 and FatKeys SSI2162. Here's the story in their own words...

VCAs or Voltage Controlled Amplifiers are used for automatic, remote, or CPU control of audio gain and/or attenuation in such systems as music synthesizers, dynamics processors, noise reduction systems, effects processors, and mix console fader automation; as well as design of voltage controlled filters, exponential voltage to current converters, and many other basic audio building blocks. Sound Semiconductor's SSI2164, a low noise and distortion VCA with four independent channels, was introduced several years ago and has been embraced by the audio community.

In pursuit of even better performance, the newly launched SSI2161 internally parallels all four SSI2164 channels for a 6dB noise improvement, offering the lowest noise among VCA chips. Likewise, the SSI2162 internally parallels two pairs of SSI2164 channels for 3dB lower noise.

All VCAs have exponential control with a 33mV/dB gain constant. Current inputs and outputs allow a wide range of input and output resistance to suit design needs, and a unique mode control permits selection of class A, AB, or intermediate biasing of the gain core to optimize noise versus distortion characteristics. A gain range from +20dB to 100dB is possible.

Sound Semiconductor is composed of musicians and technologists with the goal of developing affordable, high-performance integrated circuits for music creation.

Pricing and Availability:
The SSI2161 and SSI2162 are both housed in a 10-lead Shrink Small Outline Package (SSOP). Pricing at 1000 pieces is $0.84 for the SSI2161 and $0.99 for the SSI2162. Both are available now.

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