Montage OS 3.5 MODX2.5 OS Adds Smart Morph And More

US Patch cross compatibility, DAW control and more      19/06/20

Yamaha have just release a new OS for both the Montage (OS3.5) and MODX(OS 2.5) keyboards. new features include a new Smart Morph function, with 32 new patches to show it off, DAW controls for MODX, and additional footswtich assignments such as TAP TEMPO, Connect improvements for  Performance and Song transfer, Pitch Bend resolution improvements and various workflow enhancements. 

Additionally, MONTAGE OS v3.5, adds the ability to load MODX User (.X8U) and Library (.X8L) files. This enhances cross-compatibility between MONTAGE and MODX. Now User and Library files are interchangeable.

Workflow enhancements:

  • Add parts during record
  • Realtime overdub controller data
  • Improved erase event job
  • Improved get phrase job
  • Improved normalize play FX
  • New pattern chain play
  • Undo/redo on any page

Smart Morph is a unique and powerful sound creation feature for FM-X sounds. Powered by a sophisticated machine learning process, Smart Morph creates an interactive morphing map from up to eight FM-X sounds. The result of each Smart Morph is over a thousand FM-X sounds laid out on a 32 x 32 grid. You can morph between these sounds, use the Super Knob to go between any two points or save any single one you like. You can quickly create new FM-X sounds, real time morphing pads, cool and engaging special effects and more.


Yamaha Synth · Baroque Morphdown


As always -  Be sure to save a Backup file before updating if you have content that you want to keep (You'll be able to reload after the update).

Full information on the update including links to the OS downloads:

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