EDM Sounds For SampleTank 4

US IK Multimedia releases Hitmaker: EDM sound library collection      12/06/20

EDM Sounds For SampleTank 4

IK Multimedia has announced Hitmaker: EDM, a new collection in the Hitmaker series of sound libraries for all versions of their SampleTank 4 sound and groove workstation. They tell is that it offers a massive selection of instruments, samples and loops for producing that next big dance music hit. Here's more details direct from IK Multimedia...

SampleTank 4 offers professional-quality sounds, an intuitive interface and powerful editing and effects for musicians and producers, and this new sound library collection further expands the massive sound set with fresh, modern EDM sounds and grooves.

Hitmaker: EDM - for that next big hit song
Reflecting today's diverse electronic dance music, Hitmaker: EDM offers a massive selection of stage-worthy sounds that are inspired by chart-topping artists to bring high energy to every beat of a production. It contains over 100 new instruments, 1.6 GB of samples and 50 MIDI loops, featuring roaring bass, brand new drums, show-stopping leads, synths and pads, and even 400+ original vocal samples.

All samples were created and processed with high-end studio gear to add warmth and punch. They feature all-new sounds designed to complement all versions of SampleTank 4, and offer users the flexibility to create their own signature sound.

About Hitmaker SampleTank Library collection
Hitmaker: EDM is part of the four-collection Hitmaker series that features distinct styles for added expression and genre diversity. Each collection offers 100 new SampleTank 4 Instruments, 50 MIDI loops, and 1.4 GB or more of all-new samples, as well as pre-programmed control macros and sound effects. Other recently announced titles include Reggaeton, Synthwave and Trap.

About SampleTank 4
Available for Mac/PC and iPad/iPhone, SampleTank 4 is designed to be every musician's "go to" music creation workstation. It features a massive sample library (up to 8,000 sounds across 260 GB of samples) a fully scalable/zoomable interface, and a cutting-edge sound engine that offers efficient hard-disk streaming and advanced sound design/editing possibilities. The library and sound engine are complemented by innovative dynamic Groove Players (arpeggiator, strummer, pattern and loop player), 70 effects, a Mix window, and powerful integration with IK's iRig Keys I/O keyboard controllers. In addition, a Live mode lets musicians hit the stage with fingertip-ready controls for performance and the ability to build an entire set list and create song presets.

Pricing and Availability:
SampleTank 4 CS (for Mac/PC) is available for free via direct download from the IK Multimedia website. Other versions of SampleTank 4 and all SampleTank Sound Libraries are available from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide.

The Hitmaker: EDM collection is now available and being offered for $/€49.99 (excluding taxes).

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