Waldorf Desktopify The Quantum As Iridium

Unconfirmed but imminent...      11/06/20

Waldorf Desktopify The Quantum As Iridium

The Waldorf Quantum is part of the elite synth gang - being one of the more expensive and expansive new poly synths over the last few years. Obviously beyond the reach of many of us, but desirable nonetheless. 

So its perhaps no surprise that images and details have been leaking - quite literally - we think someone forgot to update their Robots.txt file, as Google have picked up on a this new IRIDIUM desktop synthesizer, which at first look appears to be a desktop version of the Quantum. Currently those pages have been switched to 404's but it must be about to come...

Here's the Google listing:

Waldorf iridium Listing

Sadly we were too slow, so our images have been sourced via our friends over at Synthtopia.com

No pricing or information as yet, but it can't be long to wait now.

Keep an eye on this page at Waldorf-music.de


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