RND Step - A New Module From Divkid

6 high performance S&H      11/06/20

RND Step - A New Module From Divkid

Divkid has added to his range of Eurorack modules with the new RND STEP which is a , 3-channel sample and hold module, comprising of 6 separate noise & S&H circuits in just 4HP.

Its made in collaboration with Steady State Fate, and will be available as of today from your preferred modular peddler priced at £199.

You may know that Divkid is a panelist on our Sonic TALK show, as well as being a collaborator on our own Freeze Machines Ableton Rack.

We hope to have him on to give us a demo shortly.

Each channel features two internal analogue pink noise generators, and two sample and hold circuits split across unipolar and bipolar outputs.

The unipolar output always samples its own noise source for a stepped random voltage between 0-5V.

The bipolar output by default samples it's own noise source (for -5V to +5V stepped random). However, you can override that connection with the sample input.

This allows for sampling external audio or CV signals, and it can samplevoltages anywhere between -10V and +10V with the sample input.


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