More Patches For Moog Sub/Subsequent 37

Robust American Patches releases their second set      10/06/20

Following last year's Volume I, 73 for the 37, which consisted of 73 patches, Robust American Patches has announced Volume II for the Moog Sub/Subsequent 37 which they say completes the bank with another 64 brand new patches.

A spokesperson told us, "We've also added 28 additional complimentary patches to the mix for a grand total of 165 patches! In Volume II we tried to focus more on leads and basses. According to the categories, you get 22 leads and 12 basses, but many of the sounds in the other categories are also up to the task. We spent a considerable amount of time working with the envelopes' key tracking and velocity settings to really make these patches spring to life under your fingers. The modwheel, aftertouch and velocity assignments are extensive and produce an extremely enjoyable playing experience."

Pricing and Availability:

Vol. II is on sale at $14.50.

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