Free Limited Edition iOS Piano App

US Audiokit Pro releases Retro Piano for iPhone and iPad      05/06/20

Free Limited Edition iOS Piano App

Audiokit Pro tells us that they wanted to do something special for musicians (and would-be musicians) to make the summer a little brighter, so are releasing a completely free iPhone/iPad app, Retro Piano, for the entire summer of 2020.  

A spokesperson told us, "It will only be available to get June, July, and August. But for those who download it, it will be free for life. A gift for everyone making music and expressing themselves during these times."

Retro Piano Features:

  • Standalone app & AUv3 Plug-in
  • Vinyl Record warble speed & depth
  • The entire app is under 70mb on most devices
  • Multiple velocities: Use an external MIDI piano keyboard for expressive sounds
  • 40+ Original Vinyl Noise samples
  • Crush, Distortion, and special sauce
  • Tremolo, Reverb, and other cool FX!
  • NEW powerful AUv3 code. Works great as an AU plugin in GarageBand, Cubasis 3, BM3, NS2, AUM, Auria Pro, and more

Pricing and Availability:
Free at the app store.

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