Presentation: Modal Electronics Argon 8 OS V2.0

US Live stream direct from down the road      28/05/20

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The new OS update from Modal Electronics for the Argon8 Wavteable synth has been released. We caught up with Jacskon, who would ordinarily pop into the studio, from his home setup which is laterally down the road!

The new features offer MPE, new envelope modes, sequencer updates, delay modes, gain structuring and more. OS 2.0 is a free update for Argon8 owners and works for the Argon8, M and X models via the Modal App.

00:00 Intro
03:40 - new Features summary
07:41 New Envelope modes
10:28 Chord  Inversion Mode
14:40 New Delay Modes
17:30 Differences between desktop and keyboard versions
20:45 Audio input 
23:29 More sounds
25:30 Modal App platforms
28:00 Sequencer
32:43 MPE
40:45 Gain structure improvements
45:25 Polychain

Here's our original Argon8 review:



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