DIY Dummy Head Stereo Mic From Leo Makes

With a budget of $20!      28/05/20

Another project for you in lockdown perhaps? Leo of  the Leo Makes channel - has been busy working on a Dummy Head microphone system that you can buy for a mere $7000 - if you were to go for the Neuman Head system - which is considered to be the best, or less expensive models such as the Soundman or 3Dio thety would also set you back a few quid - and rightly so, the mics and electronics used are all top notch.

Leo wondered if he could make something with similar functionality at a fraction of the price. He set his budget at $20. Okay we're not factoring time into this cost, but still the results are certainly impressive.

Watch and learn. if nothing else its a goods excuse to buy some more tools!

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