Saw Synth For Mac & Windows

Sawrizor combines two saw oscillators by mixing different generators for each oscillator      26/05/20

Saw Synth For Mac & Windows

Sugar Audio tells us that Sawrizor is an all-round saw synthesizer, that combines two high quality saw oscillators by mixing different generators for each oscillator, resulting in a matrix of recorded and hand made audio material of the last decades and unique new saw combinations. Both units have voice unison features with detune, mix and other sound fattening abilities.

A spokesperson told us, "The sub oscillator adds punch and more character to the sound. Chorus, delay and reverb effects enrich the sound with depth. Sawrizor is aliasing free where necessary and allows up to 8x oversampling for high SNRs. Analogue sounding resonance/damp filters and an EQ complete the clearness of the digital synthesizer."


  • Double aliasing free wavetable synthesizer with unison and sub oscillator
  • Famous high quality saw sounds of the last decades and new creations
  • Resonance damping filter
  • FX section with chorus, delay, reverb and equalizer
  • Freely resizable GUI from very small up to Ultra-HD & 5K Retina
  • Auto off feature
  • VST / AU / AAX


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