NI Introduces PHARLIGHT Vocal Instrument

Granular KONTAKT-based synth features sounds sourced entirely from the human voice      19/05/20

Native Instruments has released PHARLIGHT, which they describe as a KONTAKT instrument for musicians, sound designers, and composers, capable of unconventional melodic leads, pads, textures, and more sourced entirely from the human voice. Here's the story in their own words...

At the heart of PHARLIGHT is a specially-recorded sample library designed to bring the best out of the instrument's engine. A result of extensive research into different sounds and how they interact with the granular and sample modules, PHARLIGHT's sample content was created by 15 artists and sound designers to produce unconventional melodic timbres that are distinctly human.

From beatboxers to vocal artists, multisampled choral sounds, and made-up-words, the result is a curated collection of 319 sound sources and 375 expertly-designed presets that cover an extensive sonic territory including pads, leads, textures, soundscapes, bass, and subs. As well as cinematic textures, PHARLIGHT makes significant additional use of melodic, fast-attack sounds that are ideal for writing hooks and melodies.

PHARLIGHT's bespoke engine comprises dual grain and sample modules. Designed to retain the special character and timbre of organic samples regardless of time and pitch, the grain module is capable of evolving sounds, tempo-synced risers, and otherworldly resonances. This is layered with the sample module, which likewise provides in-depth tweakability.

The modulation and effects section is integral to PHARLIGHT's sound, and provides a flexible way to sculpt and alter snapshots in real-time, as well as add the final touches to a preset. Parameters can be assigned to the X-Y control for straight-to-picture scoring or spontaneity in studio sessions.

PHARLIGHT runs in KONTAKT 6 and the free KONTAKT 6 PLAYER.



Pricing and Availability:

PHARLIGHT is available now at the Native Instruments Online Shop.

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