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US Slate Academy is free for 90 Days      05/05/20

Slate Digital tells us that, for the next 90 days, they've opened Slate Academy up to the entire world for free.

A spokesperson said, "Are you stuck on lockdown like we are? Did you binge-watch all of Tiger King and aren't sure what to do next? This is our way of helping musicians everywhere come out of this lockdown with a little more creative mojo than they came into it with. Share your mixes, get friendly feedback from the Slate community and watch as your music production skills take off. By the time this lockdown is over, you'll be making music on a whole new level."

Here is just some of what the company tells us is on offer...

  • Just Blaze and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League revealing the secrets of Hip-Hop
  • Sevenn showing you how to make incredible electronic mixes to get the crowd bouncing
  • Legends like Chris Lord-Alge teaching you how to create rock tracks that will blow you away
  • Guides on how to use compression, EQ & synths
  • Ear Training lessons that will change the way you hear forever


Pricing and Availability:
Free 90 days.

More information:



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