Striso Board Expressive Instrument Launched

Instrument/MIDI controller features an innovative note layout that helps understand music theory      04/05/20

A kickstarter campaign has been launched by Piers Titus van der Torren for his instrument the Striso board which he says takes musical expression taken to the next dimension.

A spokesperson had this to say, "This hand sized MIDI controller has an innovative note layout with 61 multidimensionally sensitive buttons, that respond to pressure and direction individually. The buttons are arranged systematically and intuitively to facilitate ease of play and comprehension of musical patterns. The Striso board will have an internal synthesizer and can also be combined with an MPE synthesizer. Altogether, the Striso board offers enormous potential for sound control and musical expression."


  •     61 soft silicone pressure and direction sensitive note buttons (3.7 octaves)
  •     Scanning rate: 1200Hz
  •     Touch sensitivity range: 70g – 700g
  •     4 extra buttons for glissando, octave switching and settings
  •     Motion sensing: 3D rotation and acceleration, sent over MIDI at 100Hz
  •     Polyphony: 15 notes with MPE
  •     Tuning: uses polyphonic pitch bends and hence works with any MPE synth
  •     Internal synthesizer (to be added during kickstarter)
  •     Audio output: 3.5mm stereo jack (to be added during kickstarter)
  •     Dimensions: 192x174x26mm, 425g
  •     Power: USB B, 5V 100mA
  •     Connection: MIDI over USB, with 3 MIDI modes: MPE, one note per channel; normal, with pitch bend, modulation and polyphonic aftertouch; monophonic, with glissando
  •     Firmware: Open Source firmware


Pricing and Availability:

See Kickstarter.

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