10 New ACL Eurorack Modules

Audiophile Circuits League reveal what they'll be releasing in 2020      28/04/20

10 New ACL Eurorack Modules

Berlin-based Audiophile Circuits League (ACL) tells us that they are releasing 10 new modules in 2020. They say that four are already available: the new audio interface, Sum Sum, Pan Mix, Mini MIDI. Here's the list that they have sent us showing the prices of 8 of them...

  • ACL – MINI MIDI 299,00 euro
  • ACL – SUM SUM 150,00 euro
  • ACL – PAN MIX 225,00 euro
  • ACL – VC AMP MIX 390,00 euro
  • ACL – RCVS-4 ( Rotary CV Source) 100,00 euro
  • ACL – FCVS-4 ( 4Fader CV Source 60mm Travel)  250,00 euro
  • ACL – Pre Amplifier ( Lundahl Transformer) 480,00 euro
  • ACL – SMIX OUT X3 450,00 euro

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