Superbooth 20HE: Ian Boddy Chat And Two Tracks

Lots of workflow insight too...      27/04/20

Ian Boddy is a UK electronic musician, who's been working as a composer, artist and label manager of DiN Records. His first solo releases were in the 1980's on cassette, and subsequently he's released many albums both solo and collaboratively.

He also runs DiN Records which releases quality electronic music, mostly using modular synthesizers.

Proof that you can finish tracks using modular!

Sadly Ian was not able to stream his performance but did send a couple of live recordings. We had a fascinatiing  chat with him around this - plenty of ideas in there to try!

2)Shrine Modular Remix T

his uses my larger but still relatively compact Make Noise rack. The idea here is to have chunks of audio from a track - in this case Shrine from my album As Above So below (DiN51) - and to effectively remix the track live. The big trick is getting it to run in sync which is where the combination of the Hermod & Varigate 8+ come in to play.

2) Anywhere

This is quite spacey/experimental & uses my small Anywhere rack - or as I’ve rechristened it under the current situation - the not going Anywhere rack. Obviously some folks (myself included) have large systems to play around with but I think it’s important to see what you can do with a limited focused set of modules.

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