Superbooth 20HE: Softube Introduce Vermona Random Rhythm

Software emulation of Vermona's Random Rhythm trigger generator      26/04/20

Softtube Modular has introduced a new module from renowned modular manufacturer Vermona. Nick reviewed Softtube Modular a while back and was impressed with the resolution of the software. 

Vermona Random Rhythm is an 8 channel random gate/trigger generator for your modular synth, in this case Softtube Modular. You have two different sides to the unit, real time randomness and Dice mode. Realtime means that the module is continuously generating new random values for each note value whereas in dice-mode it generates them for a complete 3/4- or 4/4-bar. In both modes, even if a bar has been diced, the sliders still influence the resulting sequence.

Softtube Modular makes these modules much more accessible to the wider world. We caught up with Tod to take a look. 

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