Superbooth 20HE: 4ms Ensemble Oscillator and Percussion Interface

US Dan gives us a look at the new modules...      26/04/20

We actually gave the Ensemble Oscillator from 4ms an award at NAMM this year so we were happy to hook up with Dan Green to take another look at it and see how things were progressing with production. We also took a look at their new Percussion Interface module. 

The Ensemble Oscillator is a unique Eurorack oscillator cluster, it blurs the lines between waveshaping and polyphony in some very interesting ways. You can quantize the oscillators to scales or a series of harmonics to get crazy and interesting combinations. 

In this video Dan Green gives us a full rundown of all the new modules and also their new power supply module which gives you some interesting and useful information about your psu. 

More info at 4ms Company

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