Superbooth 20HE: Non-linear Labs C15 Updates 2x Polyphony

Including layering, splits and more      24/04/20

The Nonlinear Labs C15 is a somewhat misunderstood synthesizer. On the face of it comes from very simple concepts of synthesis, however by using complex networks of feedback Nonlinear Labs are able to create extremely complex sounds. The instrument is built as a player's synth.  

The C15 is built to be sustainable and as such it has continually been updated since its release. The latest update to this instrument is the ability to now use two sound engines at the same time, giving you the ability to create splits and layers. As well as this the new update includes some extra macro controls, as the panel itself has magnet panel overlays customers will be sent new panel overlays which will display these new features. 

Nick got the chance to interview the designer Stefan Schmidt. We got a deep description of some of the new features and some demos of the new layering and split sounds. 

For more information about the C15 visit Nonlinear Labs

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