Podcast: Sonic TALK 615 - Feral Jetwasher

US Week 4 of the isolation series with Ty, Mark and Rich      16/04/20


  • Rich Hilton - Nile Rodgers Studio guy, keyboards for Chic
  • Ty Unwin- media composer, producer, orchestrator
  • Mark Tinley- sound artist, Sonusmagus.com


iZotope Neutron 3

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Freeze Machines from Sonicstate
Hellos and Catchups
09:25 Superbooth Home Edition
12:00 Elektron Overbridge 2.0
19:40 Undiscovered Instrument Appreciation
(Velo Lounge Quiz Group - Facebook)
36:40 Guilty pleasures
43:05 iZotope Ozone 9 competition
45:15 Ty's feral jetwashing
49:32 Softube Chandler Zener,  plug-ins and GUIs
1:03:05 Goodbyes and wrap

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