Ian Boddy's Modular Remix

Watch the video of Ian remixing the track 'Shrine' live with a compact modular system      15/04/20

Ian Boddy has been in touch to tell us that he’s been experimenting with a particular idea for a while: Sampling chunks of audio from a track and then effectively remixing the track live with a compact modular system. The results can be seen in this video.

Here's Ian's description of his methodology...

The pair of Disting 4's in the middle of the bottom row are playing the bass/drums and strings/high sequence/ambient pad. The trick is to clock the rig at the same bpm as the original song that was recorded in Ableton - in this example 122bpm. The Hermod can clock at a specific bpm and sends sync to the Varigate 8+. The latter is then triggering the 2 Distings as well as the two Tip Top Ones in the top left - although the latter are playing ambient sound FX.

I can then add extra trigger points live using the Varigate 8+. This is most obvious in this piece with the bass/drums samples. The 2 Distings are sending out stereo samples filtered in 2 pairs through Qu-Bit Tone. The 2 x Tip Tip Ones are in mono & being filtered via the Roland 505.

Extra FX are added with the Livewire Dalek Modulator and an extra top sequence line is being played from the Hermod & is coming from the Roland 510.

Effects are from the Tip Top Z5000 & Mutable Instruments Clouds.

The original track Shrine is from the album As Above So Below (DiN51) and also appears on Ian's double live album Altair (DiN59).

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