RetroVOLT - A New Samplesizer

Virtual instrument inspired by 80s synth-pop and industrial synth sounds      07/04/20

Beatskillz tells us that their love for 80s synth-pop and industrial synth sounds led them into developing RetroVOLT which they describe as a samplesizer.

A spokesperson told us, “With already very successful 80s romplers like Retro Keys, and Synthwave keys, we wanted to do something very different and with extreme power and synth engine capabilities that we had never done before. One year of development later, we have RetroVOLT!"


  • Powerful synth engine using Multisamples - multi-zone & multi-velocity
  • 10 filter types including the famous  “ladder “ filter.
  • Amp and Filter Envelopes, Velocity curve editing, LFOs and more
  • Full Arpeggiator/ Sequencer with user patterns saving
  • Effects section with 10 simultaneous effects including Convolution Reverb
  • 500 + Factory Presets included, users, can also save their own presets
  • Auto Preset Generator for an unlimited combination of sample maps and parameters.
  • Midi Controller Assignment for all parameters. Simple “right-click” & assign
  • Expandable sounds! New Expansions with new sample maps, presets and new GUI per expansion. ( Coming Soon !)
  • Expertly crafted sounds meant To inspire from the get-go! Fully tweakable to build the sound of your dreams.
  • All sample Maps made from famous vintage and modern analog and digital synthesizers capture using extensive outboard gear.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $59 (Regular price: $99)

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