100 Free Serum Wavetables

Analog, FM, Growl, Hyper and Distorted tables      06/04/20

100 Free Serum Wavetables

Luis from sound design label BVKER has released 100 free Serum wavetables for download and also demonstrates how you can make your own on the web page listed below. This is how Luis describes the free wavetables for the synth...

Analog Tables
All analog tables were made dragging synth shots by popular analog synths into Serum. I picked the cleanest wave forms and resampled them using pulse-width modulation (PWM). This way you can use the wavetable position (WT POS) for PWM while using the warp knob for whatever other mode you want to. I sorted all analog tables into 4 categories: Saw, Square, Sub and Custom, which contains all waveforms that can’t be classified as a basic shape.

FM Tables
FM synthesis is a technique using one waveform to modulate the frequency of another one. This usually results in a metallic sound and is often used to create bass patches for genres, such as Dubstep, Deep House and Future House. You can further use it to create mallet-like sounds like bells for example. My wavetable collection comes with 17 FM wavetables I made using Serum’s warp modes and resampling.

Growl Tables
My growl tables are often based on FM synthesis, too. However, they all have this saw-like “fart” sound you usually get from warp modes like bend. Combine them with a sub bass, modulation, maybe some OTT and you should get some decent dubstep growls similar to the ones artists like Virtual Riot are known for.

Hyper Tables
The hyper tables are inspired by an Au5 YouTube tutorial I watched a while ago. They also sound kinda metallic, but in another weird phase distorted way. You can use them to make Dubstep sounds, like Au5 did in his tutorial, but they should also work for other stuff.

Distorted Tables
Serum comes with a bunch of cool distortion types. I picked a sine wave, modulated the drive and resampled every single mode. Now you can make sounds using the characteristic overtones of each distortion mode while controlling the dynamics separately.

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