Another Free KLANG Series Instrument

Cinematique Instruments Geiger Counter delivers glitches, noises, blips and bits      02/04/20

Another Free KLANG Series Instrument

Cinematique Instruments says that bits, glitches and noises are always a nice rhythmic addition, if they are not enough on their own, so they reactivated their 'former' Geiger Counter, improved the sound and put it into the new KLANG format.

A spokesperson told us, "Geiger Counter contains several glitches, noises, blips and bits. You can set both the decay time and the frequency of a lowpass filter. It is equipped with a two track 16-step sequencer - where you can play 6 different sounds of Noise and Glitch each. You can also let the sequencer p lay randomly on its own. Finally there are some additional fx as well as 3 presets available."

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Free download.

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