New Voltage Modular Modules And Sale

US New Modules from Andrew Macaulay, Vult, Nekomatic and Benard      26/03/20

New Voltage Modular Modules And Sale

Following on from releasing Voltage Modular Nucleus for free, Cherry Audio tells us that their Helping Hand 2020 sale has commenced and will run through April 17, 2020. A spokesperson told us, "We've all been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, and, like you, we're all staying at home and making sure our families and loved ones are safe. We want to continue to do everything we can to help. We've worked with our third party manufacturers to offer unprecedented low module prices, so you can expand your library and make the most of this unnerving situation."

The company has also announced new modules from various developers. Here's their press release with the details...

New Modules from Andrew Macaulay
Andrew Macaulay has published Release 4 of Andrew Macaulay Modules. With 11 new modules and significant enhancements to 5 modules, the collection now has a total of 47 modules. New modules can be purchased separately, or, get them when you purchase as part of the Andrew Macaulay's Ultimate Bundle (on sale $39).

New Modules from Vult
Vult has released 4 new modules: Lapsus, Vultari, Disjoint and Boomstick. New modules can be purchased separately or, get Lapsus and Vultari, included in the Vult Fury Bundle (on sale $40). Get Disjoint and Boomstick, included in the Vult Rage Bundle (on sale $40).

Mega Bundle Vol. 3 from Benard
Benard has released Mega Bundle Vol. 3 (on sale $99.99), a collection of 38 modules (and more to be added). Mega Bundle Vol. 3 includes 26 new modules!
This collection of unique modules, including sequencers, randomness generators, signal processors, utilities, and a collection of chaotic generators, will greatly expand the power of Voltage Modular.

Nekomatic has released Almanacs Granular Processor (on sale $15). Great deals on all modules from Nekomatic.

MRB's Zeroscillator Bundle (on sale $25), MRB Laboratory Bundle (on sale $59), PSP Audioware Ultimate Modular Collection (on sale $49.99), and M*4 offering big discounts on all modules.

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