Mercuriall Releases Euphoria

US Amp sim suite is based on a Bogner Ecstasy 101B with an optional Cameron mod      23/03/20

Mercuriall Releases Euphoria

We saw a teaser for it last week and now Mercuriall Audio has released Euphoria which they describe as a new ambitious VST/AU/AAX plugin, based on an iconic tube guitar amplifier Bogner Ecstasy 101B, that includes an optional Cameron factory mod. Here's the details in their own words...

Ecstasy 101B is one of the most versatile and expensive guitar amps with a wide selection of sounds: from crystal clean Fender®, to the edge of breakup VOX®, overdriven Marshall®, and thick Hi-Gain. Indeed, it’s one of the most desirable guitar amplifiers.

Create sounds with no barriers. There are 12 poweramp settings and even more preamp switches at your disposal. It will allow you to create the exact tone you are looking for and integrate it naturally into your style of music. No compromises.

Additionally, we’ve developed a modern and user-friendly graphical interface for Euphoria, with an intent of making it a platform for future product unification.

Taking into account our thoroughness and attention to the details of modeling, tone and user interface, it took us over a year to develop this product. Euphoria benefits from our own modeling technology Neural Hybrid Engine 1.5, based on neural networks usage. Being the first and only company in the world, who deeply integrates neural networks into real-time modeling of analogue circuitry, we continue improving our unique technology. It is indeed the beginning of a new era in the guitar sound modeling world.

Euphoria highlights:

  • 1. At its core we have a software version of Bogner© Ecstasy 101B with an optional Cameron factory mod. Precise simulation of analogue circuitry, built on a unique state-space modeling technology using neural networks - Neural Hybrid Engine 1.5. Our custom tech has shown amazing results in SS-11X and we’ve improved it further in Euphoria.
  • 2. New window-based user interface concept, resembling familiar DAW usage logic. Freely move module windows and place them wherever you like within the plugin!
  • 3. The ground has been set up for adding new modules and user-preferred ordering.
  • 4. Preamp and poweramp can be switched off separately..
  • 5. Preset system.
  • 6. Three plugin sizes. 2K or 4K monitor? Not a problem.
  • 7. Standalone version.
  • 8. 2D cabinet based on Redwirez© impulse responses, familiar from our earlier releases. Of course, you can load your own guitar cabinet and room IRs.
  • 9. Various stomp boxes and spatial effects.
  • 10. Realistic 3D interface of the amp and other modules.

Pricing and Availability:

$99.99 - standard

$79.99 - permanent special price for our customers (Spark/Reaxis/U530/SS-11X owners)

$89.99 - special price for new customers, valid until March 24th, 11:59pm PDT

More information:


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