Arturia V Collection 7 Sale

US Time-limited offer on software recreations of legendary keyboards, synths, pianos, organs, & samplers      18/03/20

Arturia V Collection 7 Sale

Arturia has announced a time-limited sale on their flagship V Collection 7 bundle of software instruments. The title is available in their webstore for a very low price, with deals available for new and existing customers.

This is what Arturia has to say about V Collection 7…

Although V Collection is famous for recreating vintage, historically important keyboards as software instruments, many of the synths, samplers, and keys are essential for creating many modern genres.

What’s in V Collection 7?
On top of these 8 “secret weapon” modern production instruments, V Collection 7 includes a multiple-award winning selection of software instruments based on legendary keyboards, synths, pianos, organs, and samplers that changed the shape and sound of popular music as we know it.

• CZ V
• Clavinet V
• Farfisa V
• Modular V
• Buchla Easel V
• Mellotron V
• Mini V
• CS-80 V
• Stage-73 V
• Synthi V
• DX7 V
• Jup-8 V
• Wurli V
• Solina V
• Analog Lab
• Piano V
• ARP 2600 V
• VOX Continental V

Pricing and Availability:
The offer is available until April 7.

Existing customers should log in to the MyArturia section of the website to see their exclusive deal.

• Buy new for 249€/$ vs 499€/$ (50% Off)
• Crossgrade from 199€/$ vs 499€/$
• Upgrade from 99€/$ vs 299€/$

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