Moogseum To Close Temporarily

US Closure aims to help stop the spread of Coronavirus      17/03/20

Moogseum To Close Temporarily

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced today that it will temporarily close the Moogseum, located in downtown Asheville, NC, until March 31, 2020. The closure comes in response to a call for Americans to practice social distancing to help “flatten the curve” of an anticipated widespread Coronavirus outbreak.

Executive Director Michelle Moog-Koussa, told us, “Given the critical importance of early self-isolation in stemming the spread of COVID-19, we believe it is our moral imperative to protect our staff, as well as our visitors and our community by temporarily closing the Moogseum to the public. During this time, the work of the Bob Moog Foundation will continue, with our staff working remotely to advance our projects. While the considerations around the spread of the virus remain fluid, we will continue to reassess when we will  reopen the Moogseum.”

The Foundation says that the decision to close the Moogseum comes with considerable financial ramifications and that during this time they encourage supporting their work through donations or other means, explained here.

The Moogseum, which opened on May 23, 2019, is an interactive facility which brings the legacy of synthesizer pioneer Bob Moog alive for people of all ages to experience. It is the hallmark project of the Bob Moog Foundation, representing the convergence of its work in education and archive preservation.

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