Eurorack Clockable Delay, Reverb & Chorus

intellijel releases Multi-FX 1U      12/03/20

intellijel says that Multi-FX 1U provides three carefully crafted and highly musical sounding delay based FX in a compact 1U package.  They believe that it is powerful on its own but even more fun as par of a  bigger fx chain that could include the Digiverb 1U, Pedal I/O 1U and other 3U FX modules like the Rainmaker and Springray for some dub craziness.

The 3 FX modes, all with Stereo Wet/Dry balance are:

  • DELAY – tap/clock syncable, controls for rate/division,  tone (feedback low pass filtering), and feedback amount
  • CHORUS – controls for modulation rate, tone (brightness)  and modulation depth
  • PLATE REVERB – controls for pre-delay, tone (brightness), and decay time

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