Compare Combinations Of Pocket Operators

US PO-COMBOS video series shows you which Teenage Engineering unit goes with which      11/03/20

Teenage Engineering UK distributor Sound Technology has announced a new video series designed to demonstrate how different combinations of Pocket Operators sound together.  This is what they have to say...

Packed full of fun and studio-quality sound, TE Pocket Operators are not only ultra-portable and affordable, but can also be sync’d together in any combination. But with 9 Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators to choose from, how do you know which one is going to be right for you? Furthermore, which combination would sound best together?   

From the solid drum samples of the renowned PO-12 rhythm, to the unique and creative voices of the PO-35 speak, we've put together a Teenage Engineering 'Super Series' to demonstrate which PO's sound best together.

PO-COMBOS is a dedicated series featuring all 9 Pocket Operators, giving you a great insight into the sound of each PO and their compatibility with one another.   

Watch the first six episodes in the video series here.



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