Synthplex Lineup, Corona Statement

US Now postponed      10/03/20

Synthplex Lineup, Corona Statement

UPDATE - now postponed till 29th October 2020

Synthplex today released information regarding the artist lineup for the upcoming synth show in Burbank, LA (March 26th-29th). The current lineup sees a number of composers and producers as well as artists and synth luminaries scheduled to play or talk.

The show kicks off on Thursday PM:

Thursday night features a tribute to keyboard legend Keith Emerson with The Keith Emerson Band featuring Marc Bonilla performing Keith’s music. Many of Keith’s film scores and highlights of the Keith Emerson Tribute film will be shown in addition to the live performers.

Friday night features performances from prolific composer Jeff Beal, of House of Cards and Monk fame, and from synth pioneer Patrick Gleeson, famous for his groundbreaking work with Herbie Hancock and the soundtrack to Apocalypse Now.

Saturday night features music from an talented roster of musicians including electronica legend BT, wind controller and flute innovator Pedro Eustache, and multifaceted artist Laura Escudé, who designs and programs live shows for artists such as Kanye West, Jay Z, and Herbie Hancock in addition to creating her own brand of innovative, avant-garde, string-based electronic music.

Synthplex also issued a statement about Corona Virus after consulting with Los Angeles and Los Angeles County health departments, The summary being that Synthplex goes ahead unless otherwise advised or the situation changes. 

For the full statrement from Synthplex, see For a special Sonicstate discount follow this link: (20% off four day event tickets)


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