Sonic LAB: Earthqauker Devices Afterneath Module

US Enhanced Otherworldly Reverberator      05/03/20
    MP4 11:44 mins    

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Also available in pedal form, Earthquaker Devices Afterneath is a complex and unusual reverb processor described as:

A wizard bursting forth from ethereal cave and ready for the ambient battle. You are the wizard – or sorceress, if you prefer – and the cave is your instrument’s signal, vast, expansive, and magical. Do you go inside?

And in many ways its an accurate description of this unusual device, although more accurately it could be described as a digital reverb made up from a bunch of delay lines.

Certainly it can and does sound other worldly, with some great ambient and textural sounds as well as more regular reverb and delays.

There are 9 rotary controls total with CV control of 4

  • Input: Adjusts the level of the incoming signal 
  • Dampen: Controls the tone of the wet signal.
  • Reflect: Controls the regeneration of the reverb
  • Mix: Controls the amount of wet signal that is mixed with the dry signal.
  • Drag: This digital reverb is made up of a bunch of short delays, Drag separates the delay lines creating a stuttering, pingy effect. 
  • Mode: Controls the behavior of the Drag control as well as how it responds to control voltage. 
  • Diffuse: Smooths and diffuses the delay repeats. 
  • Length: Controls the decay length of the reverb.

Afterneath is priced at £249/$249 and is also available as a pedal


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