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US It makes a sound      26/02/20

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Inevitably we get the next installment of the New Thing from Polyend. This time its clear the whatever-it-is is not just a sequencer, but probably also has a sound source. We're guessing some kind of groovebox? Listening to the audio, it does drums and multiple instrument tracks and we can see the hint of some grid type LEDs moving and we think there must be an AMOLED as there's what looks like waveform display and a coloured cursor line.

All they have to say is:

Teasing you again, hoping the sound best speaks for itself. More to see/hear soon. All the details in March, but you can sign in to our newsletter at polyend.com already and be the first to get full specs.

More information at Polyend: Youtubes, Facebook, Instagram, polyend.com


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