Synthstrom Audible Announce Epic Global Deluge Tour

30 Events. 10 Countries. 200+ Performers. 1 Machine.      21/02/20

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People who have become users of the Synthstrom Deluge, tend to be pretty evangelical about it. This could be one of two things - either its really an excellent music writing and production tool - a standalone instrument that has an incredible amount of features. Or there's some weird cult involved. We suspect the former. And as such, Synthstrom have announced a  global tour event with 200 performers, all using the Deluge, although that could also indicate the latter too...

The event is spread across 10 countries with 30 events, all featuring Deluge performers - starting in New Zealand on the 27th Feb.

A 27 track vinyl release, called "release" will also be a thing.

Why see a boring demo by a salesperson when you can go see twenty real performers  in one evening, playing every genre of music imaginable, doing back-to-back, ten-minute sets on the one instrument.
Don’t settle for laptop speakers, speculation and internet beef - go out, see the Deluge get put through its paces - there is no hiding in the club.

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