Reason 11.2 Update

Reason Rack Plugin gets its two most requested features - including MIDI Out      21/02/20

Reason Studios tells us that Reason has been updated to version 11.2 and that Reason Rack Plugin has been updated with probably the two most requested features Reason users have been asking for: MIDI Out and Drag MIDI Notes to Track.

A spokesperson told us, "We hear you loud and clear! Based on your feedback, Reason Rack Plugin now supports MIDI out and Drag MIDI notes to track. It was already an incredible instrument and a vast effect rack—now it's a powerful MIDI effect, too. Use Reason Rack Plugin as a drum machine, idea generator, old school sequencer, live performance tool, modulation hub, audio to CV converter, random voltage source, chord generator and much more. With Players and CV, the Reason rack can control most anything in your host. In addition, you can now drag MIDI to your sequencer from Redrum, Dr Octo Rex and Matrix. One of my personal favorite things to do is randomizing patterns multiple times in Redrum and dragging each clip to track in Live. This way I have a handful of random ideas to try, edit and kickstart a track with."

The MIDI Out Device is also updated in Reason standalone, replacing the External MIDI Instrument. This means there's now 8 CV inputs with scale and offset for every MIDI Out Device, making it easier to control more parameters on your external gear.

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