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Karanyi Sounds releases Synths 3 Polyscape      19/02/20

Karanyi Sounds has released a new Kontakt collection, Synths 3 Polyscape, which they describe as a boutique collection of synthetic pads for creating large synth soundscapes for your tracks. A spokesperson told us, “Sparkling ambiences. Dystopian landscapes. Vintage synth beds. This is all Polyscape, inspired by 90s liquid electronic underground electronic music, synthwave artists and classic 80s film scores."

Here's a full description direct from Karanyi ...

Polyscape is a boutique collection of synthetic pads for creating large synth soundscapes for your tracks. The engine comes with 40 sampled synth patches (so called Modules) which you can freely mix, blend, melt together on 4 slots to design your own scapes.

Synth Modules are full-length sampled synthesizer patches divided into 8 subcategories: Strings, Brass, Reeds (flutes, woodwind-like sounds), Vox, Keys (piano, electric piano-like sounds), Organs, Morphs (analog orchestral sounds) and Specials (heavily designed sounds: recorded via VHS player or hardware effect processors).

Polyscape comes with 90+ pre-designed presets categorized into Pads & Soundscapes (huge and deep, to bright cinematic synth atmospheres), Strings & Sweeps (classic synthesizer pads) and Keys & Vintage Stuff (classic 80s style analog synth keys). Great for creating subtle moving sublayers for any kind of music or to create extraordinary, long, grand, floating soundscapes.

We handcrafted and recorded some amazing 80s – 90s vintage instrument patches from Sequential Circuits Prophet, Nord Lead 2x, Oberheim OB32 Organ Module, Matrix 1000 & Matrix 6 and modern instruments like Moog Subsequent 37, Dave Smith OB6 and Sequential Circuits REV2.

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $19.00 (regular price: $39.00)

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