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US Cockpit, Milky Way, Sqwk Dirty, Airstreamer and GodSpeed      18/02/20
    MP4 18:37 mins    

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Affilliate Links help support the site are known for their well made, feature rich modules. We have reviewed some of the range over the last few years and have always been impressed by the quality and the sound. However one thing that always made buying an system a little bit out of reach for some users is the price (and the size). 

The new 6HP range takes a little bit of the best bits from the larger units and packs them up into a neat little 6hp package. Still giving you all the features of the larger modules. In some cases we also get additional features that aren't available on their larger counterparts. 

First up we have Godspeed. This is an oscillator module with some of the best bits of their Furthrrrr Generator module. As well as packing the excellent wavefolder and FM capabilities into 6hp, have managed to pack an autotune feature into the module. We also have a sub wave and noise available too. So in 6hp you get a lot of oscillator!

The next module is the Airstreamer. This is a two stage envelope module with the ability to use it as an oscillator. As an envelope we can shape the stages from logarithmic to exponential and these come in handy when we use the Airstreamer as an oscillator because they then effectively shape the oscillations. 

The Sqwk Dirty, is a multimode digital filter giving you 8 different filter types. There is a wide range of different modes available and a simple high pass filter is always available after the regular filters to cut low end easily. 

Lastly we have the Milky Way multi-effects unit. This packs 16 different effects algorithms into 6hp. These are all the effects from both the Grand Terminal and the Blck Noir modules. The effects are good sounding and have a wide range, everything from endless reverbs and delays to distortion and compression are available. 

In conclusion then you get a lot of bang for your buck with all of these modules. If you’re looking to fill a 6hp gap then you wouldn’t go wrong with any of these modules. If you’re just starting out and looking for something that is very flexible then again all of these modules would do you well. 


  • £145 for Airstreamer 
  • £169 for Sqwk Dirty
  • £169 for Milky Way 
  • £235 for Godspeed

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