FRQ Shift - A Spectral Shifting Plug-In

From subtle modulation and stereo enhancement to more extreme atonal effects      12/02/20

TONSTURM describes FRQ Shift as an ultra clean sounding, artifact free, dual frequency shifter engine. They say that it is capable of everything from subtle modulation and stereo enhancement to more extreme atonal effects perfect for building tension and creating atmospheric backdrops.

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FRQ Shift is an ultra clean sounding, artefact free, dual frequency shifter engine that lets you shift all component frequencies in a sound by an equal amount. The process won't adversely effect transients and your sounds stay punchy and present. To get even more intense sound effects there are four feedback effects that can be introduced into the Frequency Shifter´s feedback path. On top of the pristine sounding DSP this is the first plugin introducing our powerful and easy to use TONSTURM modulation system.  Modulating parameters is a breeze and allows you to create tense and alive sounding patches.FRQ Shift transforms your audio source in incredible ways. From spectrally rich textures to extra deep, growly and trippy feedback effects.

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$89 intro price (Regular price: $129)

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