Free Altered Music Box Instrument

Cinematique Instruments releases Silver Lining - the latest in the Klang series      06/02/20

Free Altered Music Box Instrument

Cinematique Instruments has released their Klang of the month for February - Silver Lining. This is what they have to say about it...

Whenever you turn a Spieluhr (aka music box), you are surprised how fine, pure and present the sound of it is. The only pity is that the sound is so short and does not resonate any longer. So we set out to build a Soileuhr sound that sustains longer. We grabbed some different Spieluhren and processed them heaviliy vigorously. We layered, freezed and even stretched them like we could. The result is a Klang instrument full of grace - one part clouds and one part Spieleuhr. Check it out and have fun.

Silver Lining contains several sound files collected from processing some Spieluhren. You can further shape the Sound with tone, chorus, delay, distortion and reverb with 9 different types of reverb. The Modwheel changes the tone of the overall sound.

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