Tripot - A Eurorack CV Tool

Control three parameters of different modules with only one knob      03/02/20

Robaux has announced a new module - a CV tool called 3PT or Tripot. This is what the designer has to say about it...

You can control three parameters of different modules with only one knob. The great thing about it: you can define for each channel what the start and end value is. For example channel one from 100 to 0, channel two from 20 to 80 and channel three from 0 to 50. There is also an offset parameter that shifts the value change forward or backward. Even better: instead of the knob you can apply a CV voltage, e.g. an ADSR or LFO.

The module is digital, so I have integrated seven different modes of operation.

For example you can simply put a 1V/Oct signal from a CV keyboard into the input and play chords over the three channels. There are the typical chord progressions in major or minor and suitable variations.

Furthermore a Three-Channel LFO, a random note generator, a random generator and a CV-quantizer with up to 25 scales is integrated. Last but not least a simple 8-step sequencer is also integrated.

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Coming soon.

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