The Sound Of Vinyl For Your Tracks

2getheraudio releases V1NYLLA for Mac and Windows      24/01/20

2getheraudio has released V1NYLLA, a plugin designed to reproduce the characteristics of vintage vinyl records.

A spokesperson told us, “Vinyl. Even that word conjures up the sweet warm days of analog. And like all things vintage, if you want the full experience you need to include the characteristic artifacts. In the case of vinyl records it’s the scratches, hiss, and change of pitch when you stop and start the record with your hands. You’ll find all this, and more, in V1NYLLA.”

V1nylla has a simple interface and just the controls you need to customize the exact characteristics of your virtual turntable. These include Start/Stop pitch and time control, turntable speed selection, drawable flutter shapes and drawable crackle locations, and hiss, crackle, flutter and tone control levels.

V1NYLLA Specifications

  • Vinyl simulator that makes any digital audio sound like it's played from a record player
  • Authentic record scratches and flutter control
  • Classic record start and stop (pitch and time) sound control
  • Unique feature allows you to draw your flutter and scratch effects using your mouse
  • Includes VST, AU, AAX plugin formats for compatibility with all DAWs
  • Works on any digital audio track or master mix
  • Simple intuitive user interface
  • Fully automatable


Pricing and Availability:

See website for options.

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