Can Drummer Inspires Ableton MIDI Sequencer

Jaki is a M4L Euclidean Sequencer      21/01/20

Can Drummer Inspires Ableton MIDI Sequencer

Congburn has  launched Jaki, a new M4L MIDI sequencer inspired by the recent book on Jaki Liebezeit, the drummer from Can.

Jaki Features

  • 8 channel M4L euclidean drum/midi sequencer
  • create patterns, variations and fills on the fly, without breaking the groove
  • store, recall and crossfade between 4 patterns. jaki automatically generates 12 variations on these patterns
  • link each channel's sequence length for repetitive beats, or unlink for polyrhythmic experiments
  • all parameters can be automated and modulated, and midi output can be recorded for precise editing


Pricing and Availability:

Free download. Donations welcomed.

More information:




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