NAMM 2020: Expressive E NAMM News

US New release plans include a new software synth and update of Touché's software ecosystem      15/01/20

NAMM 2020: Expressive E NAMM News

Following the successful announcement of its Osmose keyboard synthesizer, French electronic instrument developer Expressive E is offering new insights into its upcoming product road map ahead of the show. Here’s their press statement…

New Touché Software and Sounds

Expressive E remains focused on enriching the Touché and Touché SE software ecosytem. A new Lié update is in the pipeline, which in addition to workflow improvements will contain a brand-new free sound expansion called Carbone.

New Soft Synth: Noisy

Expressive E will soon release an all-new software synthesizer called Noisy. Its innovative synth architecture produces sound by feeding a noise generator into a bank of resonators. This unusual concept results in a very lively and organic sound, and as always, Noisy will work particularly well with expressive controllers.

Osmose Upcoming Release

Expressive E would like to thank the entire electronic instrument community for making the launch of Osmose synthesizer in late 2019 so successful. With the excitement brewing over Osmose’s entirely new A.K.A © Augmented Keyboard Action and its powerful and flexible EaganMatrix sound engine by Haken Audio, the Osmose pre-ordering campaign has completely sold out.

The whole Osmose team is now entirely focused on delivering the best instrument possible to its customers later this year. For that reason, they are staying in Paris during NAMM this year with the Osmose prototype, working to ensure a new version announcement of the synthesizer for Q2, 2020. The updated version will include new sounds and features not previously revealed.

At this year’s NAMM Show, Expressive E will present a retrospective of the Touché, uncovering the inspirations, origins, and development of the expressive controller’s design. Come to Booth 10205, Hall B to discover the Touché and Touché SE, along with their latest sounds, and learn more from the Expressive E team.

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