Voice Activated Metronome For iOS

US Audiokit Pro releases Hey Metronome - demonstrated on video by Roger Linn      02/01/20

Audiokit Pro has released Hey Metronome. They think it might change the way people practice music and tell us that Roger Linn likes the app so much, he volunteered to be in the intro video.

A spokesperson said, "Hey Metronome is a beautiful new app that uses hands free, advanced proprietary voice-recognition – all without Siri, Alexa, or Voice Control. This allows fluid, advanced, and lightning-fast interactions, with NO internet required. Data privacy and airplane mode operations. i.e. No phone call interruptions while practicing. Violinists never have to take their hands off their bow. Guitarists can keep their hands on their strings. It’s magical and it’s only 99 cents for the next couple of weeks as our Christmas gift to everyone!"

Pricing and Availability:

$0.99 on the app store

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