New Presets For Audio Damage's Quanta

US Sonalsystem's Strung - Granular vol 1 features granular synthesized sounds      11/12/19

Sonalsystem has released Strung - Granular vol 1, the first in a series of presets for Audio Damage’s Quanta with custom controls mapped for Sensel Morph users. They tell us that these presets will work in both the iOS and Desktop versions of Quanta.


  • Premium presets for Audio Damage's Quanta
  • Wide variety of guitars used as sources
  • Drones, Voices, Pads, and Motion Presets
  • 50 Presets with endless varieties
  • Enhanced sound manipulation with MPE mappings

Here's more direct from the Sonalsystem press release...

Strung : Granular vol.1
Strung is the first in our series of audio collection presets featuring granular synthesized sounds. This alluring collection of 50 presets is a godsend for serious producers on the hunt for unique, irreproducible sound forms.

We began by sampling from a hi-res string source in the form of electric guitars, rich in tonal character. These textures were profoundly moving on their own but were given a fresh quality when imported into Audio Damage’s Quanta. Our presets made for Quanta are more than ready to be stretched and manipulated in the way only granular synthesis allows.

Today’s producers and sound designers shrug off stock sounds as recognizable and irrelevant. The meaningful stories influential composers tell with sound cannot rely on the reproducible, whether it be for a 30 second commercial slot, a two hour cinematic journey, an otherworldly game, or a memorable indie pop production. With immediate note accessibility on any MIDI controller, composers of all kinds will find it takes just one touch of the key to tackle that twist in the plot line, or to reveal that underlying meaning inexpressible with words. Far-thinking modern pop creatives will discover an endless supply chain of sound for impulsive moods or ambiguous motives.

Strung flourishes in a way that even the same preset gives and keeps on giving. Each of these presets begs to be further morphed into something personally interesting and uniquely yours. By taking expressive control of each note using a Sensel Morph controller with the Buchla Thunder overlay, you can “play” every note. MPE technology allows every iteration to be dimensionally altered in real time, resulting in a palette of truly expressive and suggestive sounds.

Tech Specs

  • 290+ MB
  • 50 Presets categorized by type
  • Compatible with both iOS and Desktop versions of Audio Damage Quanta


*These 50 presets will only work in Audio Damage's iOS and Desktop versions of Quanta and are especially expressive with our mappings for the Sensel Morph.



Pricing and Availability:


Sonalsystem have teamed up with Audio Damage to offer new Quanta users 40% off their regular price of $99 in order to use the Strung presets - use code SENSELQUANTA on the Audio Damage Checkout page.

More information:



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